Put That Old Vehicle to Work for You and Someone in Need


Donate VehiclesThat old car, motorcycle or RV sitting in your driveway or garage has become a hassle, hasn’t it? It was good while it lasted, but it’s days are long over, leaving you with the task of carting it off to the junkyard. What you don’t know is that your old vehicle can still benefit you while helping someone else.

If you haven’t thought to donate motorcycle or donate vehicle instead of junking it, you might want to consider it. The year is winding down and soon it will be tax time. An old vehicle that’s of no use to you can be turned into a valuable tax break, and it can also be used to help others.

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project works tirelessly to help raise awareness about prostate cancer and early detection. When you donate motorcycle or donate vehicle to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, you’re giving them a donation that will help raise much-needed money for cancer research, and awareness and education programs.

Giving your old motorcycle, car or RV to this organization couldn’t be easier. They’ll come pick it up, the paperwork is short and easy to fill out, and the entire process is hassle-free. Show your support of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project by calling them today at 888-885-6710 to donate motorcycle or donate vehicle. Your donation can save lives while relieving you of the hassle of figuring out what to do with that old vehicle.

Make your donation today by calling the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project at 888-885-6710.

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