Donate an RV, Motorhome or Boat

We understand having an RV, Motorhome or Boat, that’s been parked in storage for years could be a frustrating thing to deal with, especially when being short on time and resources to address all the issues that occur with being parked over the years.

Vehicles you can donate to Cars for Prostate Cancer

  • Automobiles
  • Trucks
  • RVs (Recreational Vehicles)
  • Motorhomes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Boats
  • Jet Skis (Watercraft)
maximizing tax deduction on RV donation

RV Improvement Process

So many of us purchase these vehicles with hopes that we’ll make time to enjoy them and it’s usually in the first couple years that we get our monies worth out of them. But then life happens and situations change. What was originally intended to bring us pleasure slowly becomes a pressure. And good old Mother Nature certainly isn’t helping the situation. Every year that RV sits in storage unattended (especially out door storage), the deterioration process starts to take hold, causing all sorts of issues that dramatically effect the value of your once loved possession.

RV Donation

With RV’s, Motorhomes and Travel Trailers, it’s usually the roof that create problems first. Again, mostly for those parked in outside storage. If a roof is not cleaned at least once a year (and more often when parked under trees) then debris can cause water to puddle, where it eventually finds it’s way through deteriorated seals, causing extensive damage to the underlying wood structure and eventually leading to interior walls and floor damage.

RV Donation

RV Repair

Tires are also a common problem for donated RV’s, Motorhomes, Travel Trailers and Boat Trailers. If left unattended for years and uncovered, tires can start to deteriorate and weather-crack at the sidewalls, even with low mileage or little use on them, they still need to be replaced.

Fuel and Fuel systems are also a problem for any motorized RV or Boat. If left unattended, things like fuel pumps freeze up, corrosion sets in the fuel lines and fuel delivery systems, require attention, all the while adding up to a hefty repair bill.

A combination of all these issues makes it difficult and very frustrating to deal with, all the while paying for storage month after month. Our RV Donation Program will maximize your tax deduction.

What Makes the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project Different

Our competitors routinely contract with large wholesale auction companies to process their donated vehicles, rarely investing any funds into them where they are sold below market value, penalizing the donor and their charity clients.

Painting a donated RV

RV Improvements

Whenever feasible, Prostate Cancer Awareness Project will fix up, repair and refurbish your RV donation, Motorhome donation, Travel Trailer donation or Boat donation, thus increasing the selling price … and we sell the majority of our donations in the retail market, bringing a much higher price than selling wholesale. Our professional staff takes pride in their work and we are very capable of performing all types of repairs. Replacing old batteries, old fuel lines, rebuilding fuel delivery systems, electrical repairs, refurbishing older RV appliances, body and paint repair and even water damaged roof repair are just to name a few of the services we our experienced in.

So please think seriously about making that donation to our organization and let us worry about all the challenges of getting that vehicle picked up and processed. We are well versed in your state DMV requirements, therefore all necessary paperwork documenting the transaction as well your IRS forms will be provided promptly thoroughly detailing the process as required by the IRS.

Here is a photo sampling of a donated RV and the process we put them through, to help our donors maximize the amount they could claim in a tax write-off and of course maximizing the amount that we can use towards combating prostate cancer.

RV Donation Improvement Photos

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