About Us

Who We Are

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP) is a registered 501 (c)(3) not for profit charity, FEIN 20-4509127. Our legal name is the Prostate Cancer Survivor Project, but we changed our working name in 2007 to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, to better reflect our mission. We also use the web site 29000Men.org to help spread the word about prostate cancer awareness.

Robert Hess

Executive Director

Robert Hess is a retired Army officer, business owner, Senior Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future, Annenberg School, USC, USA Cycling coach, amateur competitive cyclist, Harley Davidson enthusiast, and writer.

He is also a prostate cancer survivor committed to raising awareness and funds to battle prostate cancer. With over 32,000 men expected to die from prostate cancer this year alone, Robert is doing all he can to make sure men know about early detection and take control of their prostate health.


Our Mission is to significantly increase the prostate cancer survivor rate by dramatically increasing the rate of early detection, with the objective that no man experiences a surprise, post-metastasis prostate cancer diagnosis

Why We Focus On Early Detection

  • Prostate cancer – Is the second most common cancer among men.
  • Every year – 217,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • in the United States – approximately 30,000 men will die each year from the disease.

In most adult males the humble prostate gland is slightly larger than a walnut and is responsible in part for sexual reproduction.  Because of its sensitive position in the human body and role it plays, it is an easily forgotten organ.  However for such a small part of the human anatomy it can have a seriously large impact if it is found to have cancer.  A Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test, performed through a simple

Blood test can help identify prostate cancer.  Although there has been controversy surrounding the effectiveness of PSA testing, we feel it’s critical for men to start tracking their PSA values every year starting at age 35. Yearly testing will allow men to track any significant changes in these PSA values, thus identifying a potential problem that may occur, helping men catch prostate cancer early when it is most survivable.  For those patients, the five-year survival rate is nearly 100 percent. But for the men whose cancer has spread to distant parts of the body when it is diagnosed, the five-year survival rate falls to 34 percent. Unfortunately, most men do not know about these tests, what the test numbers mean, nor do they even track these values over time.   Typically it’s not until a close friend or they themselves are first diagnosed with prostate cancer before they investigate what could have been done or what their options are now.


We feel that combining a healthy life style of good eating habits and exercise, along with early and regular testing of PSA and Free PSA values can dramatically reduce the chances that men will get prostate cancer and, if they do, be able to survive it.

We utilize many different venues to broadcast our message in an effort to reach out to men and stress this importance.  Media such as the internet, Print and Television to name just a few.  Additionally we put on cycling and motorcycle riding events.

  • The Tour de Skyline Drive
  • Velodrome Challenge
  • Reddish Knob Hill Climb and Tour de Lake Mead
  • More Events on the way!

Important Information on Prostate Cancer

If you are newly diagnosed or doing research for someone with prostate cancer and are seeking information about prostate cancer, just click the following links to visit key prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment information websites.