Donating a Car Doesn’t Have to be Hard or Stressful. We Make it Easy!

You can call us or you can fill out the form in the Donate Now tab to get started.  By filling out this form, one of our folks will call you shortly and arrange a time for our tow service to pick up your car, truck, boat or RV at no cost to you. We’ll make the process as easy as possible.  So please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-885-6710 or click here to get the process started.

Here’s how it works:

Contact Us

888-885-6710. Once you have contacted us and provided your information and details of the vehicle you are donating, our friendly staff will immediately log this data into our secured database providing you with a confirmation number.  The moment we get off the phone with you, our towing service is contacted advising them of what time you requested pickup of your vehicle.  Next they will contact you to confirm the pickup time.

Free Pickup

Upon arrival of the tow company to your home or office, the driver will request the vehicles title, (for state’s with titles) and will ask you to sign the necessary DMV forms from your state, which he will have with him at time of pickup.  In addition to the keys and any vehicle manuals you might have, that’s all you’ll need to do.  The driver will leave you with a temporary receipt from our organization upon his departure.

Receive a Car Donation Receipt

When the vehicle arrives to our facility and then later sold, we will mail you a thank you letter, along with a formal receipt.  Per the IRS, if your donated vehicle or vessel sells for under $500 the receipt you will receive will be our standard “In-Kind Donation Receipt” which allows you to write off as a deduction up to $500.  If your donation sells for over $500 you will be provided with a supplemental receipt (1098C) indicating the sale price you may use for write off purposes.  Vehicle Donation Tax Information.

We accept a wide variety of vehicle donations

  • Auto Donation
  • Van Donation
  • SUV Donation
  • Truck Donation
  • Boat Donation
  • Jet Ski Donation
  • Snowmobile Donation
  • Trailer Donation
  • Motorcycle Donation
  • Motorhome Donation
  • RV Donation
  • Forklift Donation
  • Tractor Donation
  • Heavy Equipment Donation