A Worthy Form Of Charity – Car Donantion

Car DonationsThe Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is accepting car donations as a way to raise funds for this much needed cause. Each donation of a car or motorhome can help educate people and save lives. The process is simple, there is absolutely no hassle, and pick up of the vehicle is absolutely free. In fact, you additionally benefit by receiving a tax credit when you donate car to charity.

There are many benefits for both parties when you donate car to charity. The charity receives an item that can be repaired and resold to raise much needed funding. The owner of the vehicle will receive a tax credit, and will not have an unwanted vehicle taking up space at their home. Additionally, the no-hassle way that car donations are completed makes it the right choice for any unwanted vehicle.

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is available to accept donations in all 50 states. One call is all that it takes. From that moment on, the charity will help complete the transfer paperwork, arrange for a free pick-up of the vehicle, and provide you with the necessary documentation needed to receive your charitable donation tax credit.

Your old, unwanted and non-running vehicle will make a difference in someone’s life that is suffering with prostate cancer. All it takes is a simple call, and a life could be saved.

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