Donating Cars for Charity is Intelligent

Among the benefits of intelligence is having the ability to make the complex simple.  Smart people make it possible for the rest of us to understand concepts we would otherwise never comprehend.

Albert Einstein, recognized as possessing one of the top 10 brains in human history, had this insight to share:

“The Hardest Thing in the World to Understand is the Income Tax”

Intelligent People Donate Cars

It’s nice to know that it’s not just me.   It’s “The hardest thing in the world” and every one of U.S. is subject to it.  Well, here are a couple of simple facts about the income tax –

• You’re stuck with it

Car donation, any car, any boat, any truck, any RV, any motor home, any age, any condition, reduces it

Also remember, and please remind your friends, relatives and co-workers – if a person inherits a vehicle, they can immediately donate it  and get the tax write-off for that year.  Many estates don’t plan for who will receive a car in case of an unexpected death and it can end up going to someone who doesn’t need it.

We do.


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