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I have a friend who is an estate-planning attorney.  He moved to a fancy new office two weeks ago and I was unable to attend the grand opening.  Yesterday I stopped by for a visit.

Somehow, and please learn how to do this, we ended up talking about prostate health.  He grew up in Boise and, at age 3, lost his grandfather to prostate cancer.  Due to distance, he only saw his grandfather once in his life.

From that day, he grew up with the ongoing admonition to pay attention to his prostate.  Prostate cancer runs in families and because of his early sensitization, he was able to catch his BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) early.

Six years ago, the symptoms became such that he had to seek relief.  After discussion with his physician, he chose green laser treatment.  This method burns off sufficient internal prostate surface to relax the pressure on the urethra.

He now lives normally and is assessed every 6 months.  This man is, as I said, a very successful lawyer. He works hard every day and is highly respected in the community.  Because of his early prostate awareness, no one is aware of what might have been.

Please have this conversation as often as you can.  Just mention the word “Prostate” when you’re having a private conversation with another man and you’ll be shocked at how much you’ll learn.

Your car donation in Boise or any other U.S. city will help us in our prostate awareness efforts.

Now go hug your grand kids – or your grandpa.

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