Car Donation in Boston

My wife has one of them new-fangled “hybrid” cars.  We’ll leave the specific company name out of it. Now- my mechanic, whom I love, in a very manly way, has made it clear to me that oil changes need to be done only every 5,000 miles. People who get paid for doing oil changes, including the dealers of that hybrid, want us to believe that it’s 3,000 miles.

My mechanic always puts a sticker in the upper left corner of my windshield to remind me when the 5,000 miles will be up.  Here’s what the  makers of the hybrid have done:

Maintaining Pancreatic Health

That light comes on every 3,000 miles.  It doesn’t blink and then go off – it’s STAYS on. The manufacturer knows that, in the normal cars we are all used to, such a message requires immediate action in order to avoid serious damage. Since we don’t have any idea how hybrids work, we will therefore run in and subject ourselves to whatever their mechanics decide to tell us needs to be done.

Lesson #1 for today – Get a relationship with a mechanic you trust absolutely.  If you need one in north Orange County, California, I can help.

Too bad our bodies don’t come with a “Maintenance Required” light. There are so many things that can go wrong and there is so much “Preventive Maintenance” that we can do, if only we remembered to do it.

Since we’re each on our own, please make a schedule to get your prostate, and everything else, maintained. We assume everything will continue as it is until, too often, the situation is so bad that there’s no hope. Finding prostate cancer after it has metastasized (spread to other organs) is the worst scenario.

Yes, we will take that hybrid off your hands. Your car donation enables us to spread the word of Prostate Awareness and gives you a nice tax donation.

Whether you’re in Boston or anywhere else, prostate cancer doesn’t go away.

Get your oil changed.

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