How Do I Donate a Car in Savannah, Georgia?

The great thing about Cars for Prostate Cancer is you don’t have to answer our title question.  All you need to know is that you CAN donate your car in Savannah; we’ll take care of everything.  Contact us and it’s as good as done.

Donate a Car in Georgia

The majority of residents of Savannah self-identify their ethnicity as “Black” or “African-American”.  In any discussion of Prostate Cancer, it is vital to know that, in the whole world, there is no group of men with a higher risk of death from Prostate Cancer than African-Americans.

It is not yet known why this population is more likely to get Prostate Cancer, but we do know why these men are more likely to die of it than any other group.  The problem is lack of regular screening.

Prostate Cancer is subtle; its symptoms are easily ignored in the early stages as “just another sign of aging”. Every man age 40 and older, 35 if there is family history, should be tested annually, just to be sure.  Please encourage all the men you care about to get on a schedule of PSA and DRE tests.

Your car donation, your boat donation, these tax-deductible gifts of caring people, enable us to get out the word to all ethnic groups that annual screening should be a normal part of their life.

Don’t live in Savannah?  Doesn’t matter; We’re Everywhere. And, thanks to our donors, the future looks bright.

Donate a Boat


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