Donate a Car in Washington, D.C.

Tomorrow, March 30 is a day to remember.  It is variously referred to as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran Day”, “Vietnam Veteran Remembrance Day” and “Vietnam Veteran Appreciation Day”.  It’s all good and the point is a valuable one.

Washington Car Donation

Take a moment, if you know a veteran of the Vietnam War, and tell them “Welcome Home” and/or “Thank You”.

On a related topic, it is important to realize that every veteran of that era is at least 60 years old.  Therefore, a reminder to get an annual PSA test and a DRE would be a favor.

That’s what PCAP does.  Whether it be the awareness-raising riders of the Prostate Cancer Pony Express or you having that simple conversation with a warrior, knowledge is power when it comes to fighting cancer.

Your vehicle donation, whether it be a decommissioned police car (read the wording on the above V.A. vehicle carefully) or a family member’s soon-to-be-replaced personal car, provides us with the tools we need.  These tools will soon include the Prostate Tracker, which we plan to have online on June 17th, Father’s Day.  Go there now to put yourself on the notification list.

We also plan to offer free PSA testing for those with financial challenges that would otherwise put them at risk of missing an early diagnosis.  All made possible because you have a heart to help.

Isn’t it beautifully ironic that a tax-deductible car donation in Washington, D.C. will reduce the amount of taxes you’ll have to pay to Washington, D.C.?

Washington, D.C. car donation

My friend, PFC Richard Rudd…

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