Car Donation Networking? Brilliant!

A Car Donation Network - Brilliant!

Just like the feathered friends above, we all know people with whom we communicate on a regular basis.  They may be family, neighbors, business acquaintances, old school chums (yes, I said “chums”) or, in the 21st century, close Internet friends you’ve never met IRL.

We’re Everywhere!!!!

Please remember that we accept a car donation in all 50 states.  That woman you went to high school with who’s now living on Long Island? We’re there!  That kid next door who’s now in Tucson?  Ask him if he or his neighbor would like to make a truck donation.  We’re there! 

But, it’s not just people you know; it can also be strangers.  You’re driving to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and see a motor home donation sitting in a side yard?  Ask the owner if they’d like to get a nice tax write-off.  We’re there!

Do be careful – finding donations feels so good that you might get addicted to talking about it to everyone you see .  You’ll love knowing that you’re making a difference.  If they have questions about car donation, refer them to our website.  Become familiar with our FAQs.

Now, get out there and ruffle some feathers.

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