Ladies, You CAN Make a Difference

Vehicle Donations Stop Prostate Cancer

The Look

Our goal is to have every case of prostate cancer discovered early, before it spreads (metastasizes).  It’s possible that your husband, son, boyfriend, father or friend has a phobia about doctors or medical tests.  Maybe he’s just a procrastinator – “I’ll do it after the play-offs!”

Delay is Deadly

You must decide that delay is unacceptable.  Sometimes prostate cancer is slow-growing, but too many times, it spreads quickly.  Explain to him (them) that “I told you so” is an ugly alternative you will use if he (they) doesn’t listen.

The same is true of your vehicle donation.  Yes, you will get the tax break even if you wait months until the end of the calendar year. But, that delay could mean someone else’s loved one won’t get the information they need to motivate them to be tested.

Your car donation to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, will go a long way in helping us save lives.  Any car, any condition will help.  We will also gladly take a truck donation, RV donation, boat donation, or motor home donation.   Just give us a call at (888) 885-6710 and we can get your vehicle picked up immediately, in all 50 states, or donate your car online!

If you think it would help, we’ll be glad to send our mother-in-law to give your man “The Look”.  But we have faith in you.  Use the photo above as your example.

Don’t let him stick his head in the sand.

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