Buying a new car or motorcycle? Donate the old one to a worthy cause

Donate vehiclesWhen planning to acquire a new car or motorcycle you probably start wondering what to do with the old one. You can opt to sell it in the second-hand market although it won’t fetch much money. You can also let it sit in the garage, occupying precious space and slowly weathering away. You can also decide to donate it to a charitable organization. There are numerous charities in the US that would appreciate it if you donate motorcycles or donate vehicles to them, including us, the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

Our main objective is to inform men and the women in their lives about the dangers of prostate cancer and the need for men to undergo regular screening. It is unfortunate that with close to 30,000 men succumbing to the illness every year, prostate cancer programs receive very little funding from the government. Prostate cancer does not receive as much publicity as it deserves either and that is our motivation for taking up the task of spreading the word.

We can’t do much without your help though and which is why we are asking you to donate motorcycles and donate vehicles to our cause. Since we really value the sacrifices that well-wishers make when they donate vehicles or donate motorcycles to us, we use all the resources we receive very judiciously. We channel 93% of the money to awareness programs thus ensuring that your donations will be well spent.

If you’d like to join us in our noble cause you can find a contact form at Once you get in touch with us, we will arrange to come and collect the donation from you – you won’t spend a dime when giving us your donation.

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