Early Detection Is Needed to Prevent Deaths from Prostate Cancer

There are many celebrities that have spread the word about prostate cancer and the most recent, Warren Buffet, stated in mid-2012 that he was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. It is important to be detected early, and with the help of a PSA test, Mr. Buffet’s Doctor was able to detect the cancer and believe it is not life threatening. Celebrities such as Mr. Buffet help bring awareness to the importance of getting tested, and this is our mission at CarsForProstateCancer.org. 

But it is still true that many men do not get tested, even though tests are key to early detection of prostate cancer. There are two main ways to get tested for prostate cancer:

  1. Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test: PSA is a substance that is made by the cells (both cancerous and normal) in the prostate gland. Most men will have a PSA level of about 4. Test results higher than 4, indicate increasing likelihood of the presence of prostate cancer. An important note about the PSA test: Even if the test results are elevated, it does not necessarily mean that a person has cancer. An elevated level can also be associated with other conditions such as benign inflammation of the prostate. It is the change from the baseline value rather than the absolute number that will interest one’s doctor. The trend in the numbers can predict early cancer that almost always can be treated.
  2. Digital Rectal Exam (DRA): A doctor will insert a lubricated finger in the rectum to feel for hard areas or bumps that may be cancerous. The doctor will also check for growths on the prostate gland. The doctor may also decide to take a stool sample to for blood. The test is usually short and is over quickly.

One reason men will not take the test is fear. It is crucial that they overcome the fear of the doctor. Completing the tests as directed by your doctor is important and can be life saving.

The key here is that ideally you take care of yourself by getting checked.

Our mission is to help the 240,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer yearly. See how donating your car, motorcycle, or RV can help with prostate cancer awareness.

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