Recycling is the Key to Prostate Cancer Awareness

Jiminy Cricket

You can recycle an aluminum can into a new aluminum canYou can recycle a newspaper into a new newspaperYou can recycle a magazine into a new telephone directoryYou can recycle a plastic milk bottle into a new plastic milk bottleYou can recycle a glass bottle into a new glass bottleYou can recycle a plastic beverage bottle into a new carpet; You can recycle a shoe box into a new paper towel roll,

and it’s all good.  Jiminy Cricket wouldn’t lead you wrong.

Your Recycling Through a Car Donation Can Save a Life

You can also recycle your unused, apparently worn out car, truck, RV, motor home, or motorcycle into knowledge.

Knowledge of prostate cancer.  Knowledge that will awaken a desire within men at risk of becoming victims of this most common cancer to know how to protect themselves.

As more of us are informed, we will create a life-long habit of monitoring our prostate health.  If the cancer strikes, as it will in one of six of us, we will know what to do.

Recycling is the right thing to do and part of your reward for doing so will be a nice tax deduction.  You’re not obligated or required to go to the (minimal) effort necessary to contact us – even though we take care of everything – pick up, paperwork, repairs, all of it.

No obligation whatsoever.

“Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide”

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