Private Donations For Prostate Cancer

Private donations play a significant role in the road to raise research and awareness for prostate cancer. has helped lead the way in providing much needed funding for prostate cancer with your car donations. With 29,000 deaths annually because of prostate cancer, funding is needed to raise awareness. We value the funds donated to us, and 93% of the funds we receive go directly to prostate cancer awareness programs.

It is important for donors to understand that government funding alone is not sufficient to fund the research necessary for prostate cancer and that, in fact, government funding is proportionately lower for prostate cancer than it is for some other cancers.  For example, although prostate cancer occurs more frequently (217,000 cases in 2010) than breast cancer (which had 210,000 cases in 2010), government funding of prostate cancer ($390 million in 2010) is much lower than government funding of breast cancer ($872 million in 2010), due in part to greater public awareness levels for breast cancer.  Therefore, the private donations received for prostate cancer go a long way towards’s ultimate goal: to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Luckily, we are in a time where donating your car is a simple three step process. Start by contacting us by phone (888-885-6710) or by visiting our website, then schedule a time for pickup.  After we sell your car, simply deduct the sale price from your taxes. Our organization will benefit from your car donation and you will benefit from the tax write-off.

Do you think your car is of no value? Contact us and with our material improvement program and we will fix your car and sell it at the highest value. Not only do we receive more money that goes towards prostate cancer awareness, but you will also increase the tax deduction you receive for your car. Every dollar counts and we make sure any donation we accept will go towards prostate cancer awareness.

We appreciate every donation that we receive. We need people like you to donate your car for prostate cancer research to help us fulfill our mission of helping raise prostate cancer awareness.

You can help us by donating your car, motorcycle, or RV.

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