Your Stuff – Fighting Prostate Cancer

What do you see when you look around your home?  Your yard? Do you see clutter? Neatness? Unfinished business? Stuff you told him/her you would get rid of two years ago?

There is Help Available

Look closer.  Is there something there that would be more valuable if you gave it away? For example, my wife recently lost a lot of weight and accumulated quite a pile of “fat clothes”.

I decided (with permission) to gather them up and take them down to Goodwill.  As I was preparing, I looked in the pantry for a snack and noticed all of the unopened food we had accumulated – holidays, birthdays, parties, family gatherings – we always buy too much.

So I packed it up (without permission) and took it with the clothes to Goodwill, which has a cooperative program with the local food bank.

This afternoon, I am going to the V.A. medical center for a treadmill test.  I have looked around the house and collected all my magazines (I have 6 subscriptions) and will donate them to the various waiting rooms at the hospital.

My point is that there is help available for AND THROUGH your excess stuff.  Your place is tidied up and a worthy organization improves someone’s life.  Thanks to you.

That’s what Cars for Prostate Cancer does through its work for PCAP.  Look in your driveway, in your backyard, in your garage, in that extra parking space you’re paying for every month.  Is there a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a motor home, a boat, an RV that would be more valuable if you gave it away?

Plus, you get a nice tax deduction – imagine how good that feels.

Now get out there and start cleaning.  We’re waiting for your call.

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