Your Entertainment Center

Fighting Cancer Expresses Love

What would you do if your car’s entertainment center malfunctioned, i.e., the volume of your radio increased and decreased on its own? Or, the CD player sped up and slowed down or ejected without warning?

It could be worse – if the CD started leaking a reddish liquid onto your carpet and refused to eject, would you feel comfortable sticking your finger in it to figure out what’s going on or would you rather someone else stuck their finger in it for you?

If the problem continued uncorrected, you might get concerned that the malfunction could spread to the electrical system and short out the whole vehicle.

You get my point – your prostate gland is your love life’s entertainment center.  When it malfunctions, the symptoms are as frustrating as that recalcitrant CD, but much more scary.

As the prostate swells, it squeezes the travel route of urine and semen, and it can get to the point that the gland must be removed.  That’s frequently the end of the entertainment, though things are improving in that area.

Wouldn’t you tell all your friends about your car’s problem and encourage them to check their entertainment centers for signs of malfunctioning?

Would you prefer that someone else tell everybody to get their entertainment center checked out?  OK, PCAP will take care of it.

Just give us a call and we’ll pick up your tax-deductible vehicle donation – car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle, motor home – whatever.  We will fix it up, sell it and thereby be strengthened to continue spreading the word that a healthy entertainment system makes for a happy driver.

Enjoy the music.

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