Where Can I Donate a Car in San Diego?

San Diego Vehicle Donation

OK, maybe you don’t drive a “suicide door” Lincoln like my Dad loved (my Grandpa once opened the back door on the freeway!).  But maybe you have a newer car that you would like to donate to a worthy charity.

Since prostate cancer has such a high survival rate when caught early, we strongly believe that PCAP is that worthy charity. Our mission is to give men the tools they need to protect themselves.

So, when the “donate car” decision is made, please keep us in your mind.  We’re keeping you in ours

Prostate Cancer Memorial Journal

Riders in PCAP’s 50-state ride, the Pony Express (follow live), carry a memorial journal containing the names of prostate cancer victims and survivors.   Anyone can submit a victim or survivor name to be entered into this memorial journal.

To add a name and state of residence, visit the Memorial Journal signup page.

And remember to not open the door on the freeway.

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