Vehicle Donation Doesn’t Require Complex Math

Do You Worry About Your Tax Return?

Some of us get very concerned when it’s time to sign our tax return. Is it accurate? Have I stretched the truth? Will I be audited? Will a stranger in a suit knock on my door?

No Need for Concern

Fortunately, when it comes to Cars for Prostate Cancer, there’s no need for concern. We not only pick up your vehicle – car, truck, RV, boat, motor home, tractor, whatever you may have – and we not only fix it up to generate the highest possible sale price – we do all the paperwork for you.

We don’t give you a generic “market value” write-off.  After the sale is made, we give you a tax-deductible receipt for every dollar of that sale price.

There are many worthy places you could donate your vehicle, but tell everyone you know – “No One Gives a Higher Tax Write-Off Than Cars for Prostate Cancer

Let’s talk about it. Call us at 888-885-6710. We promise we won’t show up in a suit.

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