There is a Ray of Sunshine

A Vehicle Donation is a Ray of Hope

Here’s the hard news –

•  approximately 29,000 men will develop prostate cancer this year

• men with a history of prostate cancer in their family stand a greater chance of developing the disease

• the older you get, the greater your risk

• American men of African descent have the highest risk in the world

• it is common for prostate cancer to develop with no obvious symptoms

• the digital rectal exam (DRE) seems like it would be strangely uncomfortable

There is Hope

There is a ray of sunshine; actually there are numerous reasons to be hopeful:

• prostate cancer is commonly slow growing

• prostate cancers caught early can usually be beat

• knowing that you are being tested regularly provides peace of mind that you will not be caught unaware

• we are receiving a steady stream of vehicle donations – car donations, truck donations, RV donations, motorhome donations, and boat donations from people across the United States who want to help

So don’t be afraid of getting checked – be afraid of not knowing.

Oh, and that digital rectal exam thing?  Get some perspective – talk to any mother.  Tell her that you don’t want one finger going in for a few seconds and let her tell you about 6-10 POUNDS of baby coming out for hours.

Call us if you have a vehicle to donate and you want to get the largest possible deduction.

We want to continue to shine a light on the problem.

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