The Dividing Line

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When L.A.’s Union Station was built, it displaced Chinatown.  This is a photo of the actual “Dividing Line” that separated the two locations.

What is the Dividing Line Between Surviving and Dying after a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis?

Currently in the U.S., about 240,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.  Over time, 1 of 6 men will receive such a diagnosis (1 in 4 African-Americans).  Currently, approximately 34,000 men die of it annually.  It is vital to understand why these numbers are so different.

The good news is

• an early diagnosis gives us a very good chance of survival

• thanks to regular testing, most prostate cancers are found before any obvious symptoms appear

• prostate cancer tends to be a very slow-growing cancer

• due to individual differences, even cancers caught late might be survivable, for a few years anyway.

The Dividing Line between early and late diagnosis?  Between surviving and not surviving?

Tracking.  Get a baseline PSA test at age 35 and then annual PSA tests and a DRE as often as your physician recommends, annually beginning at age 50.

But equally important is for the patient to keep track of their own test results.  The raw PSA number is not as important as how today’s number compares with last year’s, and two years ago and ten years ago…

With that overall view of your prostate’s stats, you give yourself the best chance of catching cancer early and surviving.

We want to get the word out about tracking and really appreciate your help.  If you know someone with a motorcycle sitting in their family room or a ’57 Chevy they haven’t driven for a year and a half out in the back yard, please suggest that they contact us for a maximum tax deduction.

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