So – You Want to Donate a Car in New York City?

Nash Metropolitan - a Great Donation

Cars have inspired poetry, songs, romance.  Sometimes we wreck’em; sometimes we drive’em until they fall apart; sometimes we give’em to our kids (that’s how I got my first car, a ’57 Lincoln), sometimes we trade’em in.

But, in today’s world, we have another alternative and when we ask “Where can I donate a car?”, whether in New York City or any other U.S. location, there’s an easy answer.

Pick up the phone and call the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project car donation line at 888-885-6710 and here’s what happens –

• We’ll pick up the vehicle, be it a boat, an RV, a motor home, a motorcycle, or whatever – NOW.

• We’ll explain the IRS process to you to get your best tax write-off and we’ll give you the necessary paperwork.

• We’ll maximize the value of your donation by doing the necessary repairs.

• We’ll find a buyer.

• You’ll get a tax deduction equal to the actual selling price of your car donation.

Did You Notice?

Did you notice that we do all the work?  That all you do is make a telephone call and you get a tax benefit?

Prostate Cancer is not hesitating to take 34,000 lives this year; please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Even if you don’t have a classic Nash Metropolitan.

One more question – “How do I get this car outa 2nd gear?”  (Yeah, I know, that was a Rambler…)

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