Prostate Disease Requires Diligence

Lovebirds Fight Prostate Cancer

I’ve had unexpected revelations from two friends in the last few days.  My high school friend Ralph told me that he has had BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasis), a non-lethal prostate enlargement,  since his 20’s.  We were on a road trip last weekend and the frequent stops we made were evidence of the proof of his condition.

Then today, I asked my friend Brad, a retired Marine AND a retired police officer, what he knows about the prostate gland.  I was shocked to hear that this man, who I see about every two months, had his prostate removed just two years ago.  He never said a word. 

Diligence, Diligence, Diligence

Brad said that since he left the Marine Corps 30 years ago, he has had a physical every year.  The first indication of a problem was during his DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) when the doctor noticed a difference in Brad’s prostate.

Over the next 3 months, 12 biopsies were done and Brad finally had enough and told the doctor to “Cut It Out” (literally).  He has an active professional life and recently remarried.

My friend’s life was saved by his diligence in having his prostate checked every year (every six months isn’t a bad idea).  I strongly recommend that you find a way to have these conversations with your friends.  It can make a difference.

For lovebirds, there is no better gift than one’s own good health.  A man has peace if he knows the woman in his life is getting regular check-ups (mammograms, pap smears, etc.)

Similarly, women want to know that their scared-of-the-doctor, terrified-of-needles, don’t-trust-hospitals lover is doing the right thing for her.

Ladies, he needs a regular DRE and an equally regular PSA blood test as part of a regular physical.  He also needs to keep track of his own numbers (watch for PCAP’s online tracking tool in April).

The warm feelings you will generate toward each other when you show your love this way are unique and special.  The truth is that most couples have at least one partner who neglects this.

Guys, another way to get a warm feeling is to evict your brother-in-law from the RV that’s using up half your driveway and donate it to Cars for Prostate Cancer.

Now you two go snuggle.

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