Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rides On!

Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rides On

PCAP’s Prostate Cancer Pony Express, raising Awareness everywhere it goes, has arrived at Arizona’s State Capitol in Phoenix.  The riders started the 82-leg relay in Florida.  It will pass through all 50 states, with the Prostate Cancer Awareness Message Bag being passed from rider to rider.

Prostate Cancer Awareness messages which your car donations make possible  include the following:

The HOXB13 Gene Identified as

Prostate Cancer Predictor

A news release from Johns Hopkins on January 11, 2012, reported that researchers have identified the HOXB13 gene mutation as a predictor of prostate cancer development.

Read the full news release here

How can this discovery help?

If you can afford it, it might be worth exploring the possibility of having the test done. Men who discover they have the gene then could take lifestyle measures to prevent the actual development of the disease, such as dietary modification as suggested in The China Study.

 Prostate Cancer Link to Well-Done Beef

An extensive study of men’s eating habits indicate that well-done beef may be a significant contributing factor in developing Prostate Cancer.


A Simple Anti-body for the CD47 Protein Showing Real Promise in Cancer Cure

“Human tumors transplanted into laboratory mice disappeared or shrank when scientists treated the animals with a single antibody.” Click on the above link for the details.

These stories contain important information.  We strive to get these messages out to all men and those who love them.  A single car donation in any state will help men throughout the country.

Let’s work together to spread the word of Prostate Cancer Awareness.

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