Prostate Cancer Pony Express – 4 Down, 78 to Go

Prostate Cancer Awareness in Mississippi

The 82-leg, 50-state Prostate Cancer Pony Express delivered its letter to Mississippi’s Governor.  This 6-month motorcycle ride to raise Prostate Cancer awareness and funding for free prostate screening is now 5% complete – only 95% to go!

We are concerned about the number of men who, either because of simple lack of understanding of its importance or, because they don’t have health insurance, will not be screened for prostate disease.  Prostate Cancer can be subtle and its symptoms not given the importance they deserve.

Thanks to our donors and their tax-deductible car donations, the Pony Express can ride and the future looks healthier.

Men, please start one conversation today about prostate health, perhaps simply telling someone about the Pony Express. You might be surprised at what you hear. Your use of our FAQ’s, will help get the right questions asked more often.

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