Prostate Cancer Month in Louisiana

Louisiana's Governor Proclaims Prostate Cancer Month

It’s OFFICIAL!  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, thanks to the efforts of the riders in PCAP’s Pony Express and  your vehicle donation, has declared September, 2012 to be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in the State of Louisiana.

Highlights of the Proclamation include:

• “in Louisiana Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer among men…”

•  “it is estimated 8,360 men in Louisiana will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year and an estimated 480 will die from this disease…”

•  “the survival rate approaches 100% when diagnosed and treated early but drops to 30% when it spreads…”

•  “the State of Louisiana joins communities across the country to increase awareness about early detection and testing.”

This is what it’s all about.  This is why PCAP exists.  This is why CFPC exists.  This is why the Prostate Cancer Pony Express exists.  This is why your car donation is so important.  Yes, the tax deduction is wonderful, but it’s about AWARENESS.

Please, talk about vehicle donation, talk about prostate testing, talk about it and increase awareness.

You really don’t have a choice – the Governor said it is Awareness Month, you know.

And, yes, we accept vehicle donations in Louisiana, and every other state as well.

Follow the Pony Express’s progress  live here.


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