Prostate Cancer is Not Rare Enough

Let's Make Prostate Cancer Rare

Have you ever seen a Frizzle Chicken?  Probably not.  They’re rare.  You know what’s not rare?

Prostate Cancer. Please understand this –

Working Together, We Can Make It More Rare

EVERY YEAR – 1 out of every 667 men in the U.S. WILL BE diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. For black men, it’s worse – 1 out of every 402 – EVERY YEAR!  And it’s twice that bad for men whose brother or father have had this disease.

In 2010, 218,000 men received this awful diagnosis and 33,000 died.  The only cancer that kills more men is lung cancer.  This is not acceptable.

When something becomes common and you want to make it rare, what do you do?  You seek it out and you kill it.  Here’s how we can kill Prostate Cancer:

• Annual PSA and DRE tests

• Sensitivity to symptoms

• Knowing the prevention techniques

• Creating awareness among your circle of contacts, your network, both live and online, of prostate realities and of PCAP.

• Supporting PCAP through your car donation to Cars for Prostate Cancer (or truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicle and motor home)

With knowledge comes responsibility.  Let’s work together to make Prostate Cancer as rare as —— how about, ——–

a Pink Buffalo…Prostate Cancer - Kill It!

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