Properly Interpret the Signs

A Car Donation Spreads the Word

Would you stop here for lunch? Some would, understanding that they can buy both bait and sandwiches for their fishing trip. Others, not properly comprehending, will drive on and then struggle with the consequences of their choice because there are no other sources for what they need in the area.

Simple Awareness is a Huge Step – If We Act

When a symptom that could indicate a prostate problem arises, it is important to act on it.  That’s a given, a simple thing to understand.  It is also easy to brush off the symptom as a temporary aberration that will pass soon.  Then, when it doesn’t pass, we may accept this as our “new normal” because “I’m getting older”.  Knowing what to watch for doesn’t help if we see it and ignore it.

It’s a good idea to think of turning age 50 as a possible warning sign.  Most cases of prostate cancer are discovered after 50.  BUT – to maximize the value of that first post-50 check-up, it is important to have had a PSA test at age 35 in order to set a baseline.  With your “normal” PSA thus established, the test after 50 can be interpreted to your best advantage.

So, here’s the plan:

  1. Get a PSA test at age 35
  2. Get another PSA test at age 50
  3. Ask your physician how frequently he/she wants you to be retested
  4. Between tests, watch for symptoms
  5. If a symptom is noticed, get it checked – now.

We appreciate your vehicle donation.  It will enable us to make others aware of the signs to watch for as they travel this road we call Life.

Please tell a friend – A Car Donation IS a Big Deal

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