My Neighbor’s Undonated Vehicle Donation

Prostate Cancer Car Donation?

After my mother-in-law died of cancer two years ago, my wife and I moved to a new home.  I noticed at that time that one of my neighbors has a vehicle which he never uses.  It has been sitting in exactly the same spot for two years.

If he had turned that auto into a car donation last year, he would not only have gained a parking space, but now, when talking to his tax preparer, he would have a serious tax deduction.  That credit on his tax return could be worth thousands of dollars since the vehicle is so new.

Now my challenge is how to approach a complete stranger who I will have to live around the corner from for years to come.  If he takes offense when I suggest he make a vehicle donation to charity, will I be able to justify my boldness?  Does my effort to generate a donation to fight prostate cancer, whether that donation is a boat, truck or RV, make it OK?

Absolutely!  As long as I am respectful and polite, they will have no reason to complain.  And maybe a life will be saved.  Who do you know with a potential motorized donation sitting in their yard or driveway?

Might be time for a conversation.

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