“My car won’t pass smog”

Getting your car to pass smog for car donation

Having a newer vehicle has its advantages, but once they start racking up miles that wear and tear tends to create problems for the emission equipment, often times causing a check engine light to come on.  Unfortunately the light won’t tell you what’s wrong.  That’s wear a visit to your local Auto Dealer or favorite Auto Mechanic comes into the picture.  Cars and Pickups newer than the mid 90’s have what’s called an OBDII diagnostic system, which allows a technician to plug in a hand held device revealing likely problems.  When a check engine light is on, your vehicle automatically is disqualified from passing a smog test until the problem is identified and repaired.  It’s also possible for your vehicle to fail a smog test even when there is no check engine light on.  This could be caused by a number of different things, a faulty catalytic converter, bad engine timing or even more serious problems potentially adding up to costly repair bills.

If the repairs are too costly and just not viable due to high mileage or other damage just not worth fixing, then consider donating the vehicle to www.carsforprostatecancer.org.  We don’t require smog tests and the problem of fixing that vehicle can be turned into a nice little tax deduction.  Our program is completely hassle free.


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