Low Mileage Tioga RV Motorhome in Sacramento, California

RV Donations are without a doubt one of the more popular type of vehicle donations we see.  It’s so often people purchase RV’s with the intention of using them, but all to often they end up sitting in storage parked far too long and things like batteries, fuel and starters end up going bad, causing problems for those who just want to get rid of them.

That’s why making an RV donation to charity has become so popular.  If you happen to be one of those people trying to figure out what to do with that RV that’s been sitting to long and you’ve asked the question “who to donate my RV to”, then please consider us.  We have gone great lengths to building an infrastructure that caters directly to the RV – Motorhome community.  You can read more here: http://www.carsforprostatecancer.org/donate-rv-motorhome-boat-to-charity/

RV Donation for Sale

This 1992 Tioga RV Motorhome donation with only 26,000 miles has come to us out of Sacramento, California and other than being a little dirty and needing some minor work will be on the road very soon.  This little RV’s story is not all that different from most.  Upon our arrival to the donors house, our expert staff removed it from it’s location with the proper tow equipment and then transported it to our processing yard where it is currently being prepped for sale.

Even though this RV donation only has 27,000 miles and still looks decent, its batteries were dead and its starter was frozen from being in a rather lengthy hibernation.  Additionally the fuel that had been left in its tanks had gone bad, causing the fuel pump to no longer work.  These types of problems are all to common and can be very frustrating to deal with but not for Us!  This is where we shine!

Getting vehicles such as this prepped and ready for sale is what we strive for.  Our goal is not to just move this RV donation as quickly as possible, only taking what ever we can get for it.  We spend our time, our money and our expertise on getting them refurbished to a high quality standard.  This not only provides us with more capital at time of sale for our efforts in combating prostate cancer it allows the donor to ultimately claim a much higher tax right off for their RV donation.

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