Louisiana Residents: Make a Car or RV Donation, Get a Tax Deduction

Did you know that in Louisiana, you can make a car donation to charity and get a tax write-off that may lower your income taxes? It’s true—and hundreds of Louisiana residents are realizing the benefits. Learn more about car donation tax breaks for Louisiana residents.

Donate Your Car to Charity, Benefit Prostate Cancer in Louisiana

Simply make one phone call to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and we’ll schedule a fast pickup of your car—often on the same or next day. It’s a great way to give to a great cause, get rid of an old car and enjoy the tax-saving benefits of charitable car donation. Remember, time is almost gone for a 2011 tax deduction. Donate your car today!

Learn more. Donate your Car in Louisiana
Donate your RV or Motorhome in Louisiana

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