LAZY DAZE RV Donation from Visalia, California

Here’s a 1994 Lazy Daze RV Motorhome that was recently donated to us out of Visalia, California.   These RV’s are very popular among Motorhome enthusiasts.  The Lazy Daze brand has been around for quite some time and is currently in production in Pomona California, which makes getting parts and accessories relatively easy.  This has been one of several Lazy Daze models that we have seen recently.  To donate an RV or Motorhome or if you want to learn more about RV donations and how they work, please give us a call.

This particular RV has only 49,000 miles and is currently being prepped for sale at our Fresno, California facility.  Although a little dirty from coming out of a long storage, we anticipate it will be up and running great in just a few days.

RV Donation for saleRV Donation for sale

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