Ladies, We Really Do Need Your Help


A Car Donation Can Beat Prostate Cancer

Wives, Girlfriends, Sisters, Mothers, Female Friends – please watch this video while holding a photo of the man you love:

He Will Listen to You

We have to get the message to every man, in every state, in every country – 2nd only to skin cancer, Prostate Cancer kills more men than any other cancer – and it’s getting worse.

Depending on your relationship, do what you can do – make the appointment for him; go to the appointment with him; call his Mom and have her talk to him; have his cutest granddaughter casually ask him when his last PSA test was.

This isn’t a new hairstyle we talking about – this is his life. 1 of 6 men will get this disease (1 in 4 American men of African heritage).  This MUST be done.  A Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) wouldn’t hurt either (really – it wouldn’t).

The horizon is getting closer.  Get there together.

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