Ignorance is What?

Ignorance of Prostate Cancer

Do you see the problem with this sign? If numbers confuse you; if you can’t focus on the details of the sign’s construction; if you assume the best, then you might come to the conclusion that this sign is telling you about a good deal.

Properly Interpreting Signs

Prostate Cancer information can be like that sign.  If you don’t understand how this important gland is supposed to work, you won’t recognize the signs of a malfunction.

Just like having a supervisor look at that sign might have helped, having someone else help you monitor what’s going on with your prostate will assure that a life-threatening situation isn’t ignored.

Numbers?  How about these? – PSA of 4 or more needs follow-up; an increase in PSA of .75 in one year can be a bad sign; prostate exam every 12 months; starting at age 35; 1 out of 6 men will develop this cancer; 34,000 will die this year.

Ignorance is not “bliss”; ignorance is dangerous.  That’s why PCAP exists.  We have to get the word out.  Your car donation to Cars for Prostate Cancer is an important tool to accomplish PCAP’s mission.

Another big help would be for you and your network to follow the Prostate Cancer Pony Express on Facebook.

Check your signs.

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