“I Want to Donate a Car in Riverside”

There are at least 35 places named “Riverside” in the United States.  Fortunately, whichever one you’re in, we’d love to get a call to pick up your car donation.

But, today, I’m actually referring specifically to Riverside, California where a 2nd generation car donation has occurred and I had the privilege of being part of it.

Riverside Car Donation

Here’s how the process worked.  Having thought about how the following would work for quite a while, I bought a new car (nice, huh?),   I could have used my perfectly good 9-year-old Saturn as a trade-in, but I had a better idea.

My mother, also still perfectly good, also had a Saturn, but it was 5 years older than mine.  Therefore, now pay attention, here’s where it gets complicated – I gave her my Saturn and she donated hers!

Genius, right?  Innumerable people will benefit from her donation, she got a newer car (with a LOT less miles) and a tax deduction, plus I got to improve my mother’s situation.  “Win-Win” if there’s ever been one.

You’re probably smarter than I am and we therefore look forward to hearing about your even more creative ways of generating a vehicle donation for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

Remember to follow the PCAP-sponsored 50-state motorcycle ride for prostate cancer awareness.  Just click here to see live updates.

Now, call your Mom; she misses you.

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