How to Donate a Car in Detroit

We Accept Truck Donations

Wherever you live, these facts remain the same: Vehicles age and must be disposed of; men age and discover, often too late, that they have metastasized prostate cancer; burdened people try to get out a message of hope. These 3 facts are related.

Donate a Car, Donate a Truck – Save a Life

Wherever you live, something else remains the same – Cars for Prostate Cancer is there, supporting the mission of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.  We will explain how to donate a car or any other vehicle, without complications, and we will create the awareness that is vital to reducing Prostate Cancer deaths.

Many people eventually come to the point of asking, “How do I donate a car?”, or “How do I donate a truck?”, or some other motor vehicle.  We are the answer to those questions – everywhere.

There is a proper process for how to donate a car and we have, over the past 13 years, perfected it.  Through your vehicle donation, we will be able to reduce the annual 34,000 deaths and almost quarter-of-a-million new diagnoses that devastate so many families.

Please take a few minutes to check on the progress of the 50-state motorcycle ride – the Prostate Cancer Pony Express.

Now, admit it – you didn’t even know that Mercury ever made a pickup, did you?

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