Here’s why making a car donation to carsforprostatecancer can pay off…

The donor of this 1994 Volvo 850 had some big decisions to make when deciding what to do with a non-running car.  The vehicle had served its owner well, but on a recent drive some debris on the roadway proved to be unavoidable, causing a rather significant hole to the oil-pan.  This damage rendered the car unusable.






The cost of repairs were more than the donor was willing to pay, especially considering this Volvo was now a second car.  Selling the car in this condition would only provide the donor with a junk value of a few hundred dollars, but donating the car to “Cars for Prostate Cancer”, not only helps provide us with much needed funds to combat prostate cancer, it provided the donor with a 100% tax write off.  And not just a small one!  This particular car we chose to repair and installed a new oil-pan in it.  Additionally we fully serviced the vehicle, detailed it and prepped it for sale.  This is a great transportation car.  These Volvo’s are known for their reliability.  If interested, please give us a call!


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