Get Rid of Your Junker and Help Fight Prostate Cancer

That old car sitting in your driveway has a great deal more potential than you think. Although it may be an eyesore to you and your neighbors, it holds life-saving potential for others and benefits for you, as well. Automobile donation is a fantastic way get rid of an unusable vehicle that’s taking up space in your driveway or garage. More importantly, giving it to an automobile donation charity such as the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project helps promote education and research for this type of cancer. Making an automobile donation couldn’t be easier and includes these benefits:

  • The paperwork is easy to fill out.

  • Someone comes to pick up your vehicle on behalf of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

  • No hassle or headaches are involved.

  • Giving to an automobile donation charity makes you eligible to receive a tax write-off.
  • You can donate a car, motorcycle or RV.

  • Your donation supports prostate cancer research and awareness.

  • Donating your car saves lives.
    Automobile DonationDonations can be made anywhere within the 50 states and doing so is easy if you call the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project at 888-885-6710. All you have to do is make the call and the rest is taken care of. Your vehicle will be picked up at a time that’s good for you and you’ll receive a donation receipt on the spot. Get rid of your old junker and feel good about helping others by donating to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

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