Don’t Let Cancer Doubt Come Between You

A Car Donation Would Bring Us Together

This message is brought to you by one of our donors,  They made a car donation for you.  If your relationship benefits from this message, please consider becoming a donor yourself or encouraging someone you know to do so.  This is a tax deduction that can save a life – and a relationship.

There are certainly overt actions – abuse, infidelity, deceit – which can come between a woman and a man, causing them to stop talking, stop relating, stop intimacy…

Don’t Let Fear of the Unknown and the Existence of Possibilities Separate You

Knowing that the man in your life has a 1 in 6 chance of developing prostate cancer – truly knowing that fact – can be scary, especially if it runs in his family.  That scariness can breed anger, frustration, and resentment if he doesn’t get himself checked on a regular basis.

If the woman in your life starts “nagging” you to have a regular physical and insists that it include a DRE and a PSA blood test, you might become evasive.  You don’t want to talk about it; you don’t want to feel accountable to her; you don’t have any symptoms – what’s the problem?

The health of a couple has to be a team effort.  They must each agree that the other has a stake in their physical health and, out of respect, keep each other up to date on health issues and health exams.

Who do you think is going to be your caretaker if things go south?

Truth is, discussing these things will draw you closer, creating facets in your relationship that other people don’t have and a true intimacy that most people only dream of achieving.

So, guys, slide over, put your arm around her and DON’T ask her how much she weighs.

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