Donate your RV and help to fight prostate cancer

Many of us acquire recreational vehicles at some point in our lives. But what do we do with these RVs when we outgrow them or wish to replace old ones with new ones? Some people sell theirs off while others keep them in their backyards to weather away. Rather than sell or abandon it, you can donate your RV to charity. There are many charities that accept RV donations from kind well-wishers and which they later sell to make money for their programs.

 RV donations to CharityProstate Cancer Awareness Project ( is a charity to which you could donate your RV. Our mission is to spread awareness about prostate cancer and educate men on the importance of having regular screening even if they feel perfectly healthy. Our goal is to inform all men that regular checks, a healthy diet and exercise are the surest ways of combating this insidious killer. Your RV donation will be invaluable to our cause.

 When we get RV donations we spruce them up as well as we can so as to obtain good prices when we sell them off. Since we use 93% of all the monies thus acquired on our stated objectives, your RV donation is certainly very welcome.

 This vehicle is currently for sale at a local auction to obtain some feelers. Without a good local response we will then put the car up for auction at no reserve very shortly on eBay!


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