Donate Your RV or Motorhome in Utah

Do you have an old RV or Motorhome that is just taking up space? Donating your RV or Motorhome to Cars For Prostate Cancer will get you a maximum IRS tax deduction. Why? Because, unlike other vehicle donation charities, we don't just dump all our donations at auction. We evaluate each RV or Motorhome donation we get and often put them through our Material Improvements Program, thus increasing the selling price. You receive a bigger tax deduction and more money goes to benefit the cause.

When you're ready to donate your RV or Motorhome, we make it easy. We have a network of processing centers located throughout Utah:

  • Salt Lake City, UT

We accept all types of recreational vehicle donations, at all our Utah donation centers, including RVs, motorhomes, travel trailers, tent trailers, truck campers, even van conversions. Avoid the hassle of trying to sell the vehicle yourself. Get a tax write-off and help fight prostate cancer. Donate your RV today!

Utah RV and Motorhome Donation Program

What makes us different?

Most other charities that collect RV donations simply dump them in auctions as quickly as possible.  We on the other hand, spend a great deal of time making repairs, professionally detailing your donated RV or Motorhome to get the highest price possible.

  • We often make repairs to maximize your tax deduction
  • 13 Years experience in RV donation
  • We sell your donated RV in a retail environment
  • We handle all DMV paperwork for you
  • Online status updates available 24/7
  • Fast, easy and convenient

Why donate your RV or Motorhome with us?

We have put a tremendous amount of effort into building an infrastructure that maximizes the value of your donated RV or Motorhome. We evaluate each RV the moment it arrives at our facility. If we estimate that making repairs or restoring the unit will ultimately have a positive impact on its overall market value, then we will do what is necessary to maximize the selling price.

Benefits of donating your RV or Motorhome with us

Receive the highest tax deduction possible with our unique Material Improvements Program.

  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • Fast, Free Pickup
  • 93% is spent on awareness programs
  • Lost title? Expired registration? Not a problem
  • Do you have an RV or Motorhome you don’t use anymore?
  • Non-running or Damaged Vehicles
  • Tired of paying storage fees, registration or insurance?
  • Our service is absolutely FREE!
  • Help fight prostate cancer!

Donate your RV or Motorhome today! 888-885-6710.