Celebrate a Prostate Cancer Test? Maybe.

Prostate Cancer Test

I went to the VA this afternoon for my treadmill, results later; not relevant here.  I also found out the results of my PSA blood test

The Value of a PSA

This is my first PSA result and I’m 65 years old! Until I met “The Accidental Survivor”, no physician, no nurse, no medical facility had ever mentioned the term “PSA” to me.  I should have begun annual testing 30 years ago!

So, now that I know my PSA, what do I do about it? If it’s low, do I celebrate? If it’s “high”, do I panic? Whatever the number, we do what manly men have always done – we handle it.

The greatest value of a PSA is how it compares to previous tests. Since I don’t have any, this is a baseline. Next year, I compare and the next year and the next year. I will now be diligent about being tested and – I encourage you to do the same – when PCAP’s new online PSA Tracker gets going (about June 17th), I’ll be using it.

Please talk to your contacts about making a vehicle donation to Cars for Prostate Cancer.  Men need to hear this message.

Oh – my PSA?  0.79 

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