2002 Nissan Altima Car Donation from Sacramento, CA

Here we have a prime example of a great donation that will yield a great return as well for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project. These Nissan Altima vehicles are a good bargain for what you get. This one features complete leather interior, up-to-date registration and also a Clean California title.

This vehicle is currently for sale at a local auction to obtain some feelers. Without a good local response we will then put the car up for auction at no reserve very shortly on eBay!






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2002 Toyota Tacoma Donation from Fresno, CA

Here we have a perfect example of a donation that will be undergoing the Material Improvements Program. The donation came in from Fresno and was stated to having some body damage and also that the engine had some issues as well. When it arrived to our local facility in Orange we realized there is more than just a little body damage, the hood, the fender, the rear quarter panel and the roof were all damaged. We haven’t even began to look into the engine issues yet.

This will be going off to get repaired body wise first and also replace the windshield then we should be digging into the engine issues to get those taken care of. In the end of all this work this truck will be good as new and be a great road worthy and reliable work/commuter truck.






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1995 Volvo 850 Turbo Car Donation: New Britain, CT

The Volvo 850 Turbo is a great vehicle to own. This Volvo donation on top of being a turbo model is also a station wagon! The wagon provides so much extra room but it also is much more appealing. The turbo motors from Volvo are extremely reliable and they also pack some good torque to get around. Donations are beginning to get better and better across the nation with newer model cars.

In the 1990s the Volvo turbo cars were the tuners choice, they were so easy to make power and looked really cool laying rubber down at the track! How silly would you feel getting beat by mom’s grocery getter?

To learn more about donating in Connecticut click HERE and also learn about our Material Improvements Program.






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Airstream Travel Trailer RV Donation from Brandon, FL

We got this 1985 Airstream Excella 34 donated from Brandon, Florida shortly after we had finished talking about the 80s Avion La Grand that we recently auctioned off on eBay. One of the advantages of this unit is the fact that instead of carpet it has hardwood flooring throughout. Unfortunately, the downside to that is that the wood and trailer should possibly be fumigated after being in storage due to termites and bugs.

RV and Travel Trailer Donations are very popular with our cause because we are constantly looking for new projects and make improvements to these recreational vehicles. An Airstream trailer will usually go for a decent return, especially since this is a 36ft long unit and is still tow-able by a truck without a goose-neck.






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2001 Volkswagen Jetta from Mendon, MA

I’ve been through quite a few cars and have always had an eye for European vehicles. Volkswagen and Audi typically will come out with more high end vehicles but at the same time be fuel efficient. This Volkswagen Jetta donation features a 2.0 4-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission. To donate your vehicle in Massachusetts click HERE.

With routine maintenance to the transmission and timing parts of these vehicles they can run well over the 200k mile mark. This donation has just over 209,000 miles and has plenty of life left. There is a huge scene and market going on right now for lowered VWs with wide wheels and stretched tires!







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Granite Bay, CA: 1997 Toyota Avalon Car Donation

Here we go again with a Toyota Avalon car donation out of northern California. This car has been well maintained up to its donation point. At the time of donation the donor stated it was starting to leak a little bit of coolant directly from the radiator. Rather than fixing and continuing to use this car for another 100k miles, they had decided to donate to our cause, Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

This is a great and reliable family car. With just a simple fix of a new radiator, which will not cost much at all, the Avalon will go a long way for its new owner. Keep an eye out for this donation to possibly be auctioned off on eBay.






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Indianapolis RV Trailer Donation: 1972 Avion La Grande

Here is a classic trailer called an Avion La Grande that was made in 1972. This is a relatively clean trailer for being so old. It does not appear to have any water damage and all the aluminum paneling is original and still in good condition.

This trailer donation was processed out of Indianapolis, Indiana and was then auctioned and being sold. The donor had stated that everything was in good and working condition so the new buyer should definitely be happy with their new purchase. Many times donations such as these will have more damage than expected but this was not the case on this particular donation.

Click here to learn more about RV donations and what we do to maximize the write-off.






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1999 Chevrolet S10 Pickup Truck Donation from Aliso Viejo, CA

This Chevrolet S10 is a great donation. A truck donation such as this one will go a long way for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project. This truck was sold at auction after 5 days and the new owner drove it home right off our lot to Palm Springs.

When it was originally donated, it was stated it had some bumper damage but that was taken care of through our Material Improvements Program. This program allows the donor to achieve the maximum available write off when we do modifications or repairs to their donation.






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1978 GMC Royale Classic RV Motorhome Donation

Well this classic RV donation that we brought down from Sacramento to our facility in Stanton is finally up and ready for auction! We did quite a bit of work and improvements on this coach to get it road worthy for its new owner. Check out the eBay listing HERE.

The carburetor was replaced, new fuel pump, new relays for the rear air ride suspension and also re-did the entire carpet on the interior! This classic GMC Royale is a very sought after motorhome and has a rather large following thanks to www.gmcclassics.com.

Contact us about how to donate your unwanted RV or motorhome and if it’s a classic or special RV then ask us about the material improvements program as well.

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Sacramento, California RV Donation: 1984 Ford Broughman

The class C RVs are being seen more and more frequently. This 1984 Broughman is actually in very nice condition overall. As we were told by the donor it just needs some mechanical work and it can be up and running in no time. Like I have posted before these class C RVs can be parked like any regular vehicle and do not require special storage.

The interior of this coach has been very well maintained for its year and is still in what appears to be great condition. This could easily make for a good home for the cross-country traveler. Check us out on how to donate your RV or motorhome to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.







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