We need your car donation and we’ll make it hassle-free

Donate CarsWe have hundreds of charities in the US whose work is positively transforming people’s lives in different ways. These charities mostly depend on donations from well-wishers. Most people donate cash to charities but there are many other forms of donations that people can make. There are charities that accept donations in form of motor vehicles and motorcycles. When you donate car Illinois the charity takes the car and repairs it if necessary/possible, and then sells it to recover the money. You can certainly donate car Oregon to a charity if you have one that you don’t drive any more.

 One of the charities that need you to donate car Illinois is the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (http://www.carsforprostatecancer.org) which spreads awareness about prostate cancer and the need for screening and early detection. Prostate cancer is known to be one of the leading killers of men in the US, with approximately 29,000 men dying from it every year. Our organization’s goal is to inform men about the disease and encourage them to get screened early. Through regular screening one can detect the disease before it’s too late and with early treatment patients have good chances of making a full recovery. If you thus donate car Oregon to this organization, you will definitely help to save the lives of many men.

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project makes donating cars a stress-free affair for donors. If you have an old vehicle that you’d like to donate, simply contact us, and we’ll send someone over to collect the car from you. In addition to helping in our cause you will effectively rid yourself of your old car and you can even claim tax deductions on the basis of your donation.

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What To Do With Unwanted Vehicles

Donate Car To CharityIf your driveway or property is starting to look like a used car lot, it may be time to clear out some of the vehicles that you no longer need or want. If some of the vehicles are older or no longer in running condition, you may be wondering how to unload them. Fixing and selling vehicles can be expensive and time consuming and may not result in a good return on your investment. For many people, the solution is to donate car to charity. Donating cars is a great way to get rid of unwanted vehicles while helping a worthwhile cause.

The process couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is contact the organization of your choice. They will coordinate the pick-up and removal of your old vehicle. After you hand over a clear title on the vehicle, they handle all of the paperwork making the transaction simple and easy. Donating cars costs you nothing while the value of your donation is often tax deductable. Many different types of vehicles are also often accepted including trailers, boats, commercial vehicles, jet skis, and tractors. Even if the vehicle is no longer in working condition, donations are still accepted and appreciated.

With no cost to you and in a very short amount of time you could finally be rid of those unwanted vehicles that are just taking up space in your driveway or property. The solution to your problem is only a phone call away. Do yourself and others a favor when you donate car to charity today!

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How To Help In The Fight Against Prostate Cancer

Cancer Car DonationDid you know that joining in the fight against prostate cancer could be as easy as donating an old or unwanted car? Vehicles of all types and in all kinds of conditions can be valuable in raising money to help make men aware of the need for early detection. Whether you want to donate car California, donate car Florida, or in any state in between, you can add your support to this worthwhile cause very easily and with no out of pocket cost to you.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. In fact, there are an estimated 220,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. While many men may believe that they would know if they had cancer, early prostate cancer actually has no symptoms. If men wait until symptoms start to occur, it could be too late. Prostate cancer that has started to create symptoms may have spread and could be incurable. This is why early detection of prostate cancer is so important. Men everywhere need to be made aware of the value of prostate cancer screenings.

This message needs to be heard and can only be spread through the support of those who understand the importance of this cause. When you donate car California you could be helping to save the life of someone you love. It only takes one phone call to donate car Florida and the value of your donation is often tax deductible. Lend your support to the fight against prostate cancer by donating a car or unwanted vehicle today.

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Get Rid of Your Junker and Help Fight Prostate Cancer

That old car sitting in your driveway has a great deal more potential than you think. Although it may be an eyesore to you and your neighbors, it holds life-saving potential for others and benefits for you, as well. Automobile donation is a fantastic way get rid of an unusable vehicle that’s taking up space in your driveway or garage. More importantly, giving it to an automobile donation charity such as the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project helps promote education and research for this type of cancer. Making an automobile donation couldn’t be easier and includes these benefits:

  • The paperwork is easy to fill out.

  • Someone comes to pick up your vehicle on behalf of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

  • No hassle or headaches are involved.

  • Giving to an automobile donation charity makes you eligible to receive a tax write-off.
  • You can donate a car, motorcycle or RV.

  • Your donation supports prostate cancer research and awareness.

  • Donating your car saves lives.
    Automobile DonationDonations can be made anywhere within the 50 states and doing so is easy if you call the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project at 888-885-6710. All you have to do is make the call and the rest is taken care of. Your vehicle will be picked up at a time that’s good for you and you’ll receive a donation receipt on the spot. Get rid of your old junker and feel good about helping others by donating to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

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A Worthy Form Of Charity – Car Donantion

Car DonationsThe Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is accepting car donations as a way to raise funds for this much needed cause. Each donation of a car or motorhome can help educate people and save lives. The process is simple, there is absolutely no hassle, and pick up of the vehicle is absolutely free. In fact, you additionally benefit by receiving a tax credit when you donate car to charity.

There are many benefits for both parties when you donate car to charity. The charity receives an item that can be repaired and resold to raise much needed funding. The owner of the vehicle will receive a tax credit, and will not have an unwanted vehicle taking up space at their home. Additionally, the no-hassle way that car donations are completed makes it the right choice for any unwanted vehicle.

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is available to accept donations in all 50 states. One call is all that it takes. From that moment on, the charity will help complete the transfer paperwork, arrange for a free pick-up of the vehicle, and provide you with the necessary documentation needed to receive your charitable donation tax credit.

Your old, unwanted and non-running vehicle will make a difference in someone’s life that is suffering with prostate cancer. All it takes is a simple call, and a life could be saved.

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Put That Old Vehicle to Work for You and Someone in Need


Donate VehiclesThat old car, motorcycle or RV sitting in your driveway or garage has become a hassle, hasn’t it? It was good while it lasted, but it’s days are long over, leaving you with the task of carting it off to the junkyard. What you don’t know is that your old vehicle can still benefit you while helping someone else.

If you haven’t thought to donate motorcycle or donate vehicle instead of junking it, you might want to consider it. The year is winding down and soon it will be tax time. An old vehicle that’s of no use to you can be turned into a valuable tax break, and it can also be used to help others.

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project works tirelessly to help raise awareness about prostate cancer and early detection. When you donate motorcycle or donate vehicle to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, you’re giving them a donation that will help raise much-needed money for cancer research, and awareness and education programs.

Giving your old motorcycle, car or RV to this organization couldn’t be easier. They’ll come pick it up, the paperwork is short and easy to fill out, and the entire process is hassle-free. Show your support of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project by calling them today at 888-885-6710 to donate motorcycle or donate vehicle. Your donation can save lives while relieving you of the hassle of figuring out what to do with that old vehicle.

Make your donation today by calling the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project at 888-885-6710.

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RV Donations Help Fight Against Prostate Cancer and Fund New Research

Donate your RVThe battle to fight cancer can start with you donating your old recreational vehicle. RV donations can be made to fund cancer research in all 50 states easily.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer death among men over 75 years old. The symptoms of cancer are often mistaken for prostate problems that occur naturally as a man ages. Previously, before testing, the symptoms would have to manifest before a patient would seek help. Now there is a blood test called a PSA that will screen for prostate cancer before symptoms even occur.

There is an overshadowing of cancers in favor of breast cancer awareness which is itself a very important cause. Breast cancer is often in the news and with good reason; the National Cancer Institute estimates that over 226,000 women will be diagnosed in 2012 of the disease. The National Cancer Institute estimates that the cases of prostrate cancer will top that at 240,000 men diagnosed potentially in 2012.

To help with the research needed to combat prostrate cancer, please consider RV donation. When donating a motor home, it does not have to be a running vehicle. It could have engine issues, or it could be damaged. Vehicles in any condition are a huge help in the fight against cancer.

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Can an old RV take Prostate Cancer to new places?

Donate your RVAccording to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 6 men will get the diagnosis: Prostate Cancer. The good news is, with early detection and proper treatment most of these men will survive Prostate Cancer and go on to lead healthy lives. Unfortunately, the funds needed to make that happen, is substantially less than other cancer awareness programs. Our fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, and friends deserve more.

Do you want to make ensure that more men have the opportunity for detection, diagnosis, and treatment? Donate your RV! By donating your RV, you help the men in our communities to remain strong, active, and healthy. You increase their chances of surviving Prostrate Cancer, and give them the opportunity to a lead thriving cancer free life.

Donate RV? Yes! Regardless of where you live, you can donate your RV easily. You may not even have to leave your home. In addition to bringing much needed money to the fight against Prostrate Cancer, you will receive the highest possible write off for your taxes. We use our own money to repair and market your RV, so that we can receive the most money for your donation and maximizing your tax write off.

There may be other benefits you receive by donating your RV, such as eliminating the fees you pay for storage or the space that will be reclaimed once your RV is moved from your property. The greatest benefit though, will be the lives you change. Consider donating your RV today.

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About donating old vehicles to spread prostate cancer awareness

Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (http://www.carsforprostatecancer.org) is a charity involved in spreading awareness about prostate cancer. Our mission is to spread awareness about the disease and in particular the need for early detection through regular screening. Prostate cancer hasn’t received as much publicity as it deserves given that annually about 200,000 men are diagnosed with it and close to 30,000 men die from it.

 donate motorcycleTo pursue our mission we accept vehicle donations from well-wishers and which we sell so as to secure funding. We accept all kinds of vehicles so you can donate motorcycle, donate motor home, and donate RV, and pretty much any kind of vehicle you have gathering dust in your garage. Whatever vehicle you donate, whether you donate motor home or donate RV, we will collect it from you and do all the paperwork required. When you donate motorcycle or a car we don’t sell it until some sprucing up work is done on it to make it fetch a better price. By making a donation to us you will definitely be putting your old vehicles to very good use.

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Donate your RV and help to fight prostate cancer

Many of us acquire recreational vehicles at some point in our lives. But what do we do with these RVs when we outgrow them or wish to replace old ones with new ones? Some people sell theirs off while others keep them in their backyards to weather away. Rather than sell or abandon it, you can donate your RV to charity. There are many charities that accept RV donations from kind well-wishers and which they later sell to make money for their programs.

 RV donations to CharityProstate Cancer Awareness Project (http://www.carsforprostatecancer.org) is a charity to which you could donate your RV. Our mission is to spread awareness about prostate cancer and educate men on the importance of having regular screening even if they feel perfectly healthy. Our goal is to inform all men that regular checks, a healthy diet and exercise are the surest ways of combating this insidious killer. Your RV donation will be invaluable to our cause.

 When we get RV donations we spruce them up as well as we can so as to obtain good prices when we sell them off. Since we use 93% of all the monies thus acquired on our stated objectives, your RV donation is certainly very welcome.

 This vehicle is currently for sale at a local auction to obtain some feelers. Without a good local response we will then put the car up for auction at no reserve very shortly on eBay!


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