Car Donation in Phoenix

Arizona Car Donation

Thanks to the Prostate Cancer Pony Express and its stop in Phoenix, the governor of Arizona has declared September, 2012 to be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

The AAA sign in this photo reminds us of one of the facets of vehicle ownership.  Think of all the complications of owning a car:

• The insurance – what do you do about insurance if you think you’re not going to drive the car, but you’re not sure?  Do you take the chance of driving it once in a while, uninsured?  Or do you pay full insurance on a maybe?

•  The vehicle registration – in California we even have to pay an $18 fee every year to not register the car if we’re going to stick it in the garage and never drive it.  If we never drive it, but park it in a place where parking enforcement happens, we have to pay full registration.

•  The upkeep – even a car that just sits in the carport will deteriorate from the ravages of time.  I once bought a car that had sit so long that I had to drain the jelly-like gasoline in order to drive it.

Call us, e-mail us, fill out our form – however you contact us, we’ll make the car donation process simple for you.  And we’ll get you the highest possible tax deduction.  Let us get that burden out of your life.

Yesterday, we mentioned that Johnny Ramone died of Prostate Cancer at age 55.  In a comprehensive list of celebrities who died of this awful disease, there was only one younger than him.

70% of Prostate Cancer diagnoses are in men age 65 and older.  The older we get, the more likely this diagnosis becomes and the more important consistent monitoring becomes.

Your RV donation helps us get this type of important information to as many men as possible.

Now go check your insurance expiration date.  And think of the premium refund you’ll get if you donate that unneeded car.

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