Car Donation in New York City (a.k.a., “Gotham”)

New York Car Donation

Batman & Robin battled human suffering caused by crime in Gotham (another name for New York City). PCAP battles human suffering caused by Prostate Cancer.

It’s Time to Battle Prostate Cancer

“Riddle Me This” – When a person decides that they want to battle Prostate Cancer, what can they do?  What message should they carry to the world?

The answer to this riddle is the same as it is for all diseases – Awareness

  • Awareness of family medical history, such as one’s ancestors’ causes of death
  • Awareness of avoidance techniques – unhealthy habits to stop, healthy habits to start
  • Awareness of symptoms of disease and a willingness to recognize them instead of rationalize them
  • Awareness of actions to take when symptoms appear, normally, seeking professional medical advice
  • Awareness of ongoing medical discoveries, such as the recent news that men who are not circumcised are much more likely to develop Prostate Cancer than those who are
  • Awareness of the value of one person’s car donationto the cause

As the Batmobile made Batman’s successes possible, your seemingly worthless vehicle, donated to Cars for Prostate Cancer, enables ours.

When a man receives a good PSA test or a good report after a DRE, he has reason to believe that he is, for now, safe from worrying about Prostate Cancer.  He has reason to smile.

As the Joker would say, “Let’s put a smile on that face”.

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