Car Donation in Honolulu

Hawaii Car Donation Plan

Donated cars are not always junkers, but they’re not all classics either.  They are simply cars which the owner has determined would be more valuable as a charitable donation.

Sometimes, as with a fine old Corvette I once saw sitting in an elderly man’s garage, it hasn’t been driven for many years.  Other times, the few miles it is driven don’t justify the cost of registration and insurance.

Very often, the tax deduction is the trigger for a vehicle donation.  Not only does the donor no longer have to bear the unnecessary expenses, they also pay less income tax.

For people who live in a coastal area, and nowhere is there more coast than Hawaii, a boat donation makes sense for many of the same reasons, as do an RV donation or a motor home donation.

We’re excited about the progress of the Prostate Cancer Pony Express.  It has, in just 10 days, visited with 4 state Governors and raised awareness in hundreds of thousands of people of the importance of early detection of Prostate Cancer.

It’s a Win-Win situation – lives are saved through increased awareness and early cancer detection AND  you, the donor, also receive benefits.

Take a minute to call us – we have all the answers in all 50 states – 888-885-6710.

The first Packard, made in 1899, had 7.5 horsepower; the last, made in 1958, had 275.  We’ll gladly accept your donation of either.

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