Any Vehicle Qualifies Under IRS Guidelines

Do You Drive a Convertible?

We accept ANY motor vehicle donation

Whatever the age or condition of your vehicle, we can do the work necessary to make it appealing to a buyer.  I had a ’78 Cadillac that got 9 miles per gallon.  When gas was $1.50, I was able to live with it – until the engine caught on fire.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the advantages of vehicle donation and I, literally, sold that Cadillac to a guy who wanted the hubcaps  – for $300.  Then a few months later I filed my taxes and DIDN’T get the large tax write-off I would have had if only someone had told me.

So, now that you know, please call us when you find yourself with a vehicle that isn’t worth repairing or gets 9 mpg.  Even if it looks as awful as the one at the top of this article.

And please tell someone else to do the same. Thank you for helping us raise awareness of prostate cancer.

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